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Heavy Thickness Slitting Line

This thick plate slitting line, also called metal coil slitter, is able to slit thick steel master coil into small baby coils.

Product Details


This thick plate slitting line, also called metal coil slitter, is able to slit thick steel master coil into small baby coils. The thick coil slitting line is composed of coil-loading car, double mandrel big-load uncoiler, portal style coil-head guide, press and shovel equipment, double roller pinching feeder, five-roller leveler, end-cutter, roll table, central aligner. disc slitter, scrap winder, hole accumulator, pre-separator & tensioner, portal style coils-separator and presser, recoiler, coil unloading car, hydraulic control, and electric control.

Material: Galvanized strip, silicon steel sheet, coil-rolled steel strip,stainless steel strip, aluminum strip, hot roll steel strip, and so on.

Capacity of different models of thick sheet slitting lines (metal coil slitter):

Strip thickness : 3-12 mm, 4-16 mm, 5-20 mm;

Strip width : 500-1800mm, 800-2000mm or 1000-2500mm.


1. High automation level to reduce non-productive times.

2. High quality of the final product.

3. High production capacity and flow rates by rigorous minimization of tooling time and high production speed.

4. High accuracy and precision by means of high precision knife shaft bearings.

5. Burr less cuts and high number of cuts with minimum deflection of the cutter shaft.

6. High winding accuracy with increasing coil diameter by means of the movable braking unit for operation mainly without separating system at the coiler.

7. Very Gentle treatment of highly sensitive surfaces such as surfaces for vehicle parts, coated strips or annealed stainless steel by means of braking processes adapted to the material surface.

8. Minimum power consumption by modern regenerative systems and using drives of special efficiency grades.


ModelMaterial width(mm)Thickness range(mm)Product width(mm)Slitting speed(m/min)

Remark: The slitting line can be designed and manufactured according to customers' requirement exactly.

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